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Dec. 14th, 2008 05:53 pm
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It is the unceasing loyalty to the Netjeru, and to the Per'aa, that keeps the eyes of the Medjaiu focused upon what is Ma'at. From our beginnings in Nubia, we have fought beside and protected the Kings of the Two Lands for countless generations. When the Great Royal Wife of Per'aa Tjeti I (AUS!) sent word to us, we were already on alert. The Pretender in MenNefer and the abomination to the Priesthood of Wasir as his right hand would be cast down. It was not only the honor of the Medjaiu or even Kemet that was at stake, it is the very fabric of Ma'at that is threatened.

His majesty Nisut-Bity Tjeti I (Ankh Udja Seneb!) proceeded northward, His infantry and His chariotry being with Him until he passed the small outpost near Dendera. all of the Medjai made their way to meet Him. Ra's gaze was relentless upon our backs as we picked our way along the cliff faces that overlooked the Valley where our troops would meet those of the Pretender, Nebertjer and the Parthians in his employ. The sons of Kemet were sparse among them and of course Nebertjer himself was nowhere to be found. This was ample proof to my mind that my Medjaiu brothers and I served the True Per'aa - Amun's Own First Son.

The horses snorted and pulled against their harnesses as we marched into the Valley, not far behind the troops of Nebertjer and his Parthian allies. The gleam of bronze swords and sweating Kemetiu and Parthian soldiers is visible even from our distant vantage point. The flash of their standard towering above the cavalry made my stomach churn. The thought of Parthian Hikasw on our sacred soil filled me with anger and silently I vowed to spill as much of the foreign mercenary blood as I could.

We drove our chariots, through the hills, the thin wheels bearing up against the rough terrain that suddenly turned into the rich earth where Kemet's crops grew. I whipped my horses toward the lines of Parthians that were already wreaking havoc upon those of my Lord and King. Wrapping the reins around my body and steadying myself, I drew the bow and began to take aim at various troops, each arrow I drew took down its mark. One Kemetiau grasped his chest the instant my arrow hit it, his face wincing with the sudden pain and realization that he had met his end at the hands of a Medjai. As my chariot sped past him he grabbed on to the reins of my horses, but it was too late and too feeble a move to save him. The wheels of my chariot ran over his chest, crushing the arrow, and grinding over his neck severing it cleanly from his body. Before I could look back a Parthian tried to take aim at my lead horse. The arrow loosed and grazed the horse's shoulder,taking out a chunk of flesh. The great chestnut beast hesitated only for a moment but he did not stop. Instead he turned toward the Parthian that had shot at him. I drew my spear and sunk it into his chest, the wheels of my chariot churning up the earth and emmer, leaving him to die in the dust and a pool of his own blood.

I searched the field of battle to catch sight of our Per'aa, and beheld that His Majesty had taken down the wretched General that was loyal to Nebertjer. The sight of the fall of the General served to dishearten the troops of Neberjer to such a degree that His Divine Majesty easily vanquished the remaining infantry and charioteers that dared to stand against Him. I do not remember so much of the battle, other than we engaged the forces of Nebertjer and won our victory. I am not much of an historian, but I can say that all of those loyal to Nebertjer at last came bowing down for fear of the fame of His Sovereign Majesty Tjeti I (AUS!) when His army came upon the narrow road. He was like one who is upon the highway and the multitudes of the slain were like grasshoppers in the fields of emmer and wheat. The piles of the slain Parthians and their removed hands and phalli were even more numerous than even the wooden and faïence votive offerings left at Het-Hert's Temple here in Dendera. I found myself wondering if not only Amun, but Het-Hert had also claimed victory this day.

My brother, Boah, and myself made our way to His Majesty's encampment. Only once did anyone try to stop us. A Kemetiu corporal on guard outside of the inner circle of the tents raised his hand to us. He was young and inexperienced.

"What business do Nebertjer's bodyguards have with His Majesty?" the young non commissioned officer challenged.

"The Wife of the King sent us to reinforce the Per'aa" I replied. I reached behind my armor to a small pouch and extracted the small roll of paper that contained the Great Wife's Seal. A look of instant recognition at the glyphs of the Queen registered and the youth blanched moving aside. My brother and I smiled and made our way toward His Majesty's tent.

Muse: Ardeth Bay
Fandom: "The Mummy" & "The Mummy Returns"
Word Count: 882

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